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Top 6 Effective Ways to Prevent Oral Cancer

by | Aug 22, 2022 | Oral Cancer

Cancer is a terrifying diagnosis that no one wants to receive. Fortunately, as long as it is discovered early, it is largely treatable and preventative.

Your risk for oral cancer is influenced by a number of variables, of which two are beyond your control.

Age (as you become older, your risk rises) and gender are a couple of these (oral cancer strikes men twice as frequently as it strikes women). But you have a good deal of influence over most other risk variables.

You can protect yourself from this potentially fatal infection by following these 6 precautions.

#1. Maintain good oral hygiene

Preventing oral cancer starts with practising good dental hygiene. Regular examinations by a dentist can aid in the early detection of cancers of the oral cavity.

Oral cavity cancer risk may increase if routine oral hygiene procedures are not followed and dental care is not received.

Oral cancer risk may be enhanced by poor dental health or persistent irritability from poorly fitting dentures, especially in those who use alcohol and tobacco products.

#2. Avoid using tobacco

Don’t start smoking if you already don’t. Stop smoking if you do. Chewing or smoking tobacco exposes your mouth’s cells to potentially harmful substances that can cause cancer.

#3. Limit your alcohol consumption

Drink alcohol in moderation if you decide to do so. Regularly drinking too much alcohol might irritate your mouth’s cells and increase your risk of mouth cancer.

For healthy individuals, this equates to a maximum of one drink for women of all ages and men older than 65 and a maximum of two drinks for men 65 and younger.

#4. Consume a nutritious diet

Poor diets are more likely to develop certain cancers. Eating a balanced diet rich in plant-based foods is crucial.

#5. Examine your mouth and lips regularly for any irregularities

Get a small mirror, and check the area surrounding your mouth. Make a quick appointment with your dentist or doctor if you detect anything unusual.

#6. Visit your dentist regularly

Ask your dentist to check your entire mouth as part of a standard dental check-up for any abnormalities that could be signs of mouth cancer or precancerous alterations.

Regular dental screenings by a dentist are the greatest approach to identifying early indications of oral cancer. Additionally, check for any throat, mouth, or tongue cancer signs.

A few of these include:

  • Patchworks of red or white on the insides of your cheeks, your tongue, or your gums
  • A growth on your neck or in your mouth
  • Trouble eating, swallowing, or speaking; discomfort
  • A hoarse voice without any other signs of a cold
  • Mouth numbness or soreness that doesn’t go away after a while
  • Jaw enlargement
  • Loose teeth
  • Difficulty with denture wearing
  • Bleeding or untreated open sores on your lips or in your mouth
  • A recurring earache

Keep in mind that early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of the disease have the best chance of success.

Oral Health Care at Cheltenham

Understanding what increases your risk of developing oral cancer is the greatest method to protect yourself from it. Some risk factors cannot be changed, while others can.

Although it can be challenging, you don’t have to make changes by yourself. Your dentist can assist you in locating a therapist or self-help group in your neighbourhood.

You’ll develop connections with others who have successfully made similar adjustments. Ask them for suggestions on what has worked in the past. They are referred to as risk factors.

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