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White Fillings

White Fillings Cheltenham

White-Fillings-Cheltenham White fillings are tooth-coloured resin and glass mixtures used to restore decayed or broken teeth.

By using enamel and dentin bonding, white fillings restore teeth that have become damaged by tooth decay or trauma.

White fillings are alternatives to amalgam fillings, which are aesthetically unpleasant and contain mercury.

Benefits of White Fillings

Dentists choose white resin fillings for several reasons, including the fact that they are tooth-coloured and can fix various cosmetic issues, including cracks and chips.

They can also be used on both the front and back teeth.

Here are some of the benefits of white fillings:


White fillings can look just like your natural teeth since the colour can be carefully blended for a seamless finish, unlike silver coloured fillings.

This makes them the best choice for front teeth, which would look very unappealing with silver fillings.


Composite resin is very flexible and fillings can be used to repair teeth that are chipped, broken, or badly worn.


White fillings also require very little tooth structure be removed for placement, which means more of your natural tooth is maintained.

Since the fillings bond with the natural tooth, the restoration is quite stable.


White fillings do not contain any metal.

Some countries no longer use mercury-containing fillings, and studies have suggested that mercury used in amalgam fillings can cause a threat to your health, although this is not conclusive.


Unlike amalgam fillings which tend to shrink and stretch, white fillings are not affected by any temperature changes that occur in your mouth, and this protects your tooth from fracture.

White Filling Procedure

After taking out plaque, tartar, decay, and any existing filling, the treatment site is cleaned and then dried.

To support the bonding, the tooth surface is etched and coated with a gel and bonding solution.

Once prepared, the filling material is placed into the area to be filled, and then moulded to match the tooth contours.

A curing light is used to harden the filling before it is shaped and polished to look and feel like a natural part of your tooth.

How to Make White Fillings Last

White filling care is no different from the care necessary to prevent tooth decay.

Here’s what everyone with or without fillings in their mouth should do:

  • Brush your teeth thoroughly at least twice a day
  • Floss daily
  • Limit sugary and sticky snacks
  • Rinse with a fluoride, therapeutic mouthrinse
  • Don’t use tobacco products and limit foods that stain, like coffee and tea
  • Gargle with water after you eat these foods
  • Drink plenty of water in place of acidic drinks like sodas and juices
  • Avoid biting hard foods and objects and chewing ice
  • See your Cheltenham dentist at least twice a year for regular check-ups and cleanings, and more often if recommended by your dentist

White Fillings in Cheltenham

Captivate Dental delivers quality white fillings to patients residing in Cheltenham and the surrounding areas.

Visit your Cheltenham dentist today!

White Fillings in Cheltenham

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