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Our Philosophy

Our Mission

We thoroughly explore the needs and wants of every client and consistently address them in a way that shows technical excellence, comprehensive informed consent and genuine concern for our client’s comfort.

Highest Quality Dental Care The Value and Excellence our Clients Deserve

captivate dental entrance 2 dentist cheltenham We consistently and efficiently deliver high quality preventative and restorative dentistry to our clients with compassion and respect.

Our competent and caring team deliver value through excellent diagnostic skills and the effective use of the best quality materials.

We identify and fulfill our client’s dental and emotional needs where possible to obtain the best long-term results and satisfaction with their dental treatment.

We believe in honest, open and thorough communication at every appointment.

Well-Informed Clients Our Reason for Existence

Our clients are fully informed on all aspects of their dental treatment including risks, options and costs.

We respect their time and endeavour to limit their time spent waiting. We aim to treat all dental emergencies promptly.

Exceptional Staff Our Greatest Asset

captivate dental reception area dentist moorabinOur team are motivated to achieve results, have high standards of quality and integrity, are committed to Captivate Dental and want to be long-term contributors.

Personal initiative, creativity, positivity and extraordinary effort is recognised, celebrated and rewarded.

Our team openly communicates with respect. Gossip is not engaged in.

Captivate Dental values diversity and aims to be an employer of choice.

Teamwork Teamwork Begins by Building Trust

captivate dental waiting area 2 dentist cheltenhamTeamwork means everyone functioning together smoothly in pursuit of our Mission.

Our goal as a team is to build and maintain a relationship with each client that will enable them to have a quality experience at Captivate Dental.

To do this, we must put aside our individual needs of the moment and look beyond our own job description.

Team members actively look out for each other and are always willing to help one another complete a task.

Sound Business Management Keeping Success on Track

Good sound business principles are followed. Fees reflect the fact that the best staff deserve to be well compensated and that the highest quality materials and services are more expensive.

The main consideration in a team member’s compensation level is on performance rather than longevity.

Team members are given timely and comprehensive information so that they know what is expected of them.

They understand profitability and assist in monitoring the statistical trends of the practice.

The Future Continuous Improvement through Ongoing Education and Consultation

captivate dental cool scrable art dentist cheltenhamOur commitment to excellence is a dynamic blend of taking action now and making deliberate plans for the future.

The entire team will be consulted where possible. Dentistry is a rapidly changing discipline.

By recognising that change is inevitable, we will meet it with flexibility while remaining true to our philosophy.

We will grow together through the experience we gain from our daily challenges. We commit to rigorously evaluate new products, procedures and systems and constantly educate ourselves so that we can provide appropriate high-calibre treatment at all times.

Our team are expected to attend whatever courses are deemed necessary to function at the highest level.

Gareth and Belinda Lewell commit to providing at atmosphere that is conductive to growth and learning and will make the financial investment necessary to promote this growth.

Leadership Creating and Enjoyable & Stimulating Working Environment

Visionary leadership provides inspiration, support and encouragement which enables everyone to reach new heights.

Team leaders serve the team by gaining feedback about each team member’s performance (including their own) and using that information to ensure focus on the Mission.

The leaders promote an open-door policy to ensure timely communication.

The leaders provide a forum for the free exchange of ideas, where a problem or mistake becomes an opportunity to learn and blame is unacceptable.

Leaders will ensure that the team is functioning harmoniously by quickly identifying and confronting inappropriate behaviours and guiding conflict resolution.

The entire team is responsible for creating an emotional and physical environment which is safe, responsibly fun, welcoming, comfortable, and emotionally sustainable.

We realise our true purpose by pursing excellence in everything we do, in our work, our communities and in our families. It is by these ideals stated in this philosophy that we must stand.

“That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse” – Walt Whitman.
What will your verse be?

Call (03) 9553 1249 or visit us at 36 Chesterville Road in Cheltenham.

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