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7 Justification Why Invisalign is the Best Orthodontic Treatment

by | Sep 21, 2022 | Invisalign

7 factors why invisalign is the best orthodontic treatment

Nowadays, a lot of people aspire to have a beautiful smile with perfect alignment. Fortunately, modern orthodontic techniques have made straightening teeth easier than ever.

Take a look at these seven benefits of Invisalign if you’re considering getting braces.

#1. Produces comparable results to traditional metal braces

Unbelievably, the teeth-moving method used by Invisalign treatment is the same as that of conventional metal braces.

Invisalign uses its aligners to exert the same pressure on the teeth as traditional metal braces do with brackets and wires.

Patients using Invisalign will move on to the next aligner as treatment progresses rather than tightening the archwire.

When compared to conventional metal braces, Invisalign also offers comparable retention rates after treatment is finished.

#2. Treats most alignment issues

The ability of Invisalign to correct overlapping teeth and close gaps between teeth is less well known than its ability to straighten crooked teeth.

Furthermore, many people are unaware that Invisalign can correctly align the bite in addition to the teeth. Invisalign can correct various malocclusions, including overbites, underbites, crossbites, and open bites.

#3. Almost invisible

Align Technology uses SmartTrack® material to create Invisalign aligners. It is transparent, thin, and perfectly shaped to fit the contours of your smile. It was created especially for use with Invisalign.

The Invisalign aligners are nearly invisible when worn, thanks to the SmartTrack® material. People will need to pay close attention to see the aligners.

#4. Comfortable

Getting used to a new dental appliance can take some time.

Invisalign aligners, on the other hand, are typically more comfortable than braces for two main reasons:

  • No Sharp Edges: Brackets have sharp edges that can irritate your cheeks. The edges of Invisalign are smooth.
  • No Tightening: Your orthodontist must tighten your braces. Invisalign provides multiple sets of aligners that are changed every two weeks. Each aligner is slightly different from the one before it. You may feel tight when you add a new set of aligners, but it should only last a day or two.

#5. Time-saving

Treatment with Invisalign is simple, and you can also cut down on time.

To begin with, Invisalign treatments typically last 12 to 18 months, which is shorter than the typical duration of a braces treatment. However, depending on your circumstances, the length of your treatment may change.

By requiring less time in the dental chair, Invisalign also helps you save time. Since no adjustments are necessary, Invisalign requires fewer dental visits, and the ones you do have to make are typically brief.

#6. Fewer orthodontic visits

Your tooth structure will be fully considered when designing your clear aligners. This ensures you get the desired results and feel better about your appearance.

You won’t need to keep visiting the dentist to have them adjusted or tightened is one of the best reasons to choose Invisalign. You don’t need to see your dentist every time you get a filling because it is tailored to your mouth’s shape.

#7. Simple dental hygiene routine

It can occasionally be challenging to clean your teeth when you have braces thoroughly. Food can become lodged in difficult-to-reach places; if those places aren’t cleaned thoroughly, they can contribute to poor dental hygiene. But cleaning and taking out Invisalign aligners is simple.

Since Invisalign are removable, you won’t need to worry about brushing or flossing in the spaces between brackets and wires. Long-term oral health protection can be significantly improved by being able to brush and floss as usual.

After you’ve finished your Invisalign treatment and your smile is where you want it to be, your experience doesn’t end there. The retainers will help you maintain your results, protect your Invisalign investment, and keep your teeth straight for life.

Transform Your Smile with Invisalign at Captivate Dental

By choosing this dental procedure over traditional braces, you are selecting the most suitable, painless, and comfortable method of teeth straightening.

Captivate Dental is your trusted family dentist in Cheltenham, providing advanced dentistry.

We will help you get the best possible long-term results and satisfaction with your dental treatment.

Give your Cheltenham dentists a call at (03) 9553 1249 now, and we’ll have your best smile ready in no time.

Visit us at 36 Chesterville Road in Cheltenham.

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