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How Could a Dentist Help You Improve Your Sleep?

by | Jul 5, 2022 | Sleep Apnoea

how could a dentist help you improve your sleep

Do you frequently experience morning headaches or a sore mouth? Fatigue can bring headaches; however, aching teeth and jaws won’t. Most likely, bruxism, or tooth grinding, is the issue.

For example, TMJ (temporomandibular joint) difficulties are another oral health concern that can interfere with sleep and day. Most patients are unaware that their troubles are caused by grinding their teeth at night.

Similar to TMJ issues, patients don’t know they have either condition until they visit a dentist. With the help of our dental services, you can have a better night’s sleep and a pain-free day by fixing these issues.

How may poor sleep impact one’s health?

You may experience daytime exhaustion and drowsiness if you don’t obtain the restorative sleep your body requires or if your sleep is frequently interrupted.

Losing sleep can also make it difficult to focus at work or school and delay your reaction times, which can be harmful while operating machinery or driving.

Chronic sleep disorders are linked to a higher risk of various health conditions, such as high blood pressure, cardiovascular (heart) disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and mental health problems like anxiety and depression.

Dentist Role in Improving Sleep

According to studies, a straightforward dental appliance can significantly enhance your sleep, particularly if you have a sleep disorder like sleep apnoea.

Researchers have discovered that a person’s breathing and sleep issues are caused by how their airways close down while sleeping. Your mouth is placed in a way by dental devices, like the one we designed just for you at Captivate Dental, to prevent your airway from being blocked.

These devices resemble an orthodontic retainer and are similar to the mouthguards worn by athletes.

These oral appliances maintain the forward posture of your jaws during the night to maintain an unobstructed airway. These dental appliances are comfortable for you to wear because they are made to order.

Over time, wearing these mouthguards will become second nature to you. They also fit the shape of your teeth, which can function similarly to a retainer in maintaining a straight position over time.

You receive a single item as a retainer for your teeth and a mouthguard for your sleep issues. You will notice that you are more awake and alert during the day and feel considerably more rested even after using your dental gadget for just one night. Your health will gradually improve as a result of getting more rest.

However, treatments for snoring and sleep apnoea may involve changing your lifestyle, using a device at night, or even having surgery, depending on your symptoms.

Lifestyle changes can help prevent sleep apnoea and include:

  • Side sleeping as opposed to back sleeping
  • If you’re overweight, losing weight
  • Refrain from using tobacco, stimulants, and sleeping aids.

Your Captivate Dentist Can Help

A lack of rest or poor sleep quality can have an adverse effect on your oral health because sleep is essential for both your physical and dental health.

Luckily, your dentist can assist. If your dentist observes any indications that you might not be sleeping as well as you should, they can assist you in getting aid and improving your quality of life!

Contact our staff at Captivate Dental if you want to speak with a specialist about a possible sleep condition or oral health issue.

Captivate Dental is committed to giving patients the best care and empowering them to make wise choices. Our comprehensive approach to oral health and the diversity we provide ensures our patients have complete freedom when planning their treatment.

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